How to Get Rid of Smell from Outdoor Trash Cans

Today is garbage day and the weather is getting a lot warmer, needless to say, it was pretty hot today. Taking the trash to the outside bin this morning reminded me of that. I had to find a way to eliminate the odor caused from a weeks worth of trash sitting in the heat. I just don't want to have to put my rotten food in the freezer until trash day. And then if you have a baby or grandchildren with their messy diapers...well you get it. So I decided to get this smelly odor under control now before it gets out of hand. I mixed up a cleaning solution using chlorine bleach as an ingredient. Now I know some of you will not use the bleach and that's fine, you can use the water and substitute 2 cups of vinegar for the bleach.

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After the garbage man picked up the trash today, I used an old mop and and bucket and started cleaning it. When I was finished getting it cleaned and disinfected, I let it dry and sprinkled baking soda on the bottom of the trash can. Then I threw in some dryer sheets I picked up at my dollar general today. I am keeping them on hand and after trash pick up each week, I will sprinkle more baking soda in the bottom and more dryer sheets to keep it fresh in between cleanings.I figured I will need to do a thorough cleaning at least once a month during the summer months using the following cleaning method.

2 gallons of hot water in a bucket
1 cup chlorine bleach ( or 2 cups of vinegar )
Dawn Dish Soap (just squirt some into the solution)
I actually let the solution sit in the bottom of the trash can for about 20 minutes before I used the mop to wipe the inside walls and bottom until I had all of the gunk off. Then I laid the trash can down and took a water hose to rinse it all out. I set it in the sun to dry. After it was dry, I sprinkled some Arm and Hammer baking soda into the bottom of the garbage bin and threw a few lavender scented dryer sheets in there with it. Each week I will repeat with the baking soda and dryer sheets. And after about a month or when the smelly odor comes wreaking back I will clean it out again with a solution of the hot water, bleach and dawn.

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