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Canadian Long Distance Services

Simply Great Service And Guaranteed Pricing. With 42 associate offices in 34 major Canadian Cities we can move you to and from anywhere in Canada. Together we make up Canada’s 6th largest moving group. Scroll down for long distance price guarantee! /  Transit Times


Quality service when it counts the most!

Ol’ Fashioned service when it means the most. Feel confident in the way every item is wrapped, whether it is a upholstered item that is plastic wrapped to protect the fabric, a mattress that is put in a mattress bag, a wood coffee table that is wrapped with quilted moving blankets or a bbq which is wrapped in thinner pads so if it is dirty doesn’t get onto other items. Our Owner operators are responsible for their work so having an interest in your move means a better job being performed for you. Scheduled services and a central dispatch system means we usually can mix or match your delivery to your needs.


  • Long Distance Services Offered
  • Scheduled Weekly Service to Western Canada
  • Scheduled Weekly Service Turning around in Halifax,
  • Weekly/Bi-weekly service to Eastern USA (Seaboard states)
  • Bi-Weekly to Central and Western United States
  • Express same day service available for all Points USA , Ontario , Quebec which are 10 hours or less driving time from Toronto
  • Scheduled service to Vancouver Toronto or East Coast.


Turning around in Toronto we have trucks that travel to and from Vancouver and / or to and from the East Coast. This means great service for you the consumer. No longer do you have to wait long periods of time to have your shipment arrive (especially if it is a small shipment) you will now receive your shipment in good time. We have our trucks plus we network with a total of 41 companies within Canada to assure you great service.

We have Several Movers in our network down the Eastern seaboard with a special link to Florida.

This means scheduled service anywhere down the eastern seaboard even if we do not have enough weight to go down with our own truck. Why use a U Haul since it often costs you more when moving long distance?


Long Distance Moving Best Price Guarantee

It is very seldom that we have not been able to guarantee best Price, in fact most customers say we’ve given them a great price right from the start.

If you do receive a better price we guarantee on similar service, meaning:

  1. Same types of trucks with professional equipment
  2. They have destination service ( an office at destination to serve you ).
  3. A lot of movers do not pay to organize and keep a special central dispatch. We give you access to a toll free number should you wish to know where your shipment is at any time.
  4. Our guarantee is subject to a 2000 lb min. shipment
  5. We give you a toll free number to call us almost anytime. 1-877-4-my-move
  6. Any franchised moving company or National Van


How our pricing works

We guarantee to meet the price plus an additional amount equal to 25% of the difference. In other words if our price is $2000 and our competitor is $1800 so the difference is $200 plus 25 % of the difference would reduce our price by an additional $50 or our price would then be $1750. We reserve the right to ask for copies of competitor quotes when meeting prices but often do not require.

Call us from anywhere in Canada Toll Free 1-877-4-My-Move (1-877-469-6683)


Approximate shipping time within Canada

Shipment under 5000 lbs

1-500 miles   2-9 days

500-1000 miles 2-11 days

1001-1500 miles 2 -13 days

1501-2000 miles 3-15 days

2001-2500 miles 3-17 days

2501-3000 miles 3-18 days

3001-3500 miles 3-20 days


add 2 days for every additional 500 miles

add 1-2 days for every ferry

Transit times vary greatly depending on type of service, how large your shipment is and the distance your shipment is travelling.

One way container Rental is the fastest as this goes 24 hrs a day by rail which cannot be done by truck and there are no other shipments to combine so these shipment are the fastest

Express Long Distance Moving –  1 day to load 1 day for each 800-1000 kms 1 day to unload and there could be couple flexible days depending on what your requirements are

Combined Long Distance Moving – The most cost effective way to move as we combine shipments but because we combine shipments on a truck it may take up to a week just to fill up a truck then there can be other shipments along the way that need to be delivered and picked up.

Express Concierge Moving

In addition and for an additional fee we can move you any where in canada your shipment only with direct service. Certainly does cost more than combined moving services but its there exactly when you want your shipment and its only your goods on the truck. An example a 26 ft box truck does not have to fill out or if you require a full tractor trailer we can do that too usually 3 days from Ontario to Nova Scotia.

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