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Office Moving Services

Good Ol Boys Moving has the expertise to move your office. From one room to an office with furniture for 100 employees. We have moved and coordinated both small and large moves. To some degree office moving is much the same as local moving but to a large degree it is not. You should not just choose any local mover for moving an office especially where more than one truck load is required.

Good Ol’Boys Moving features:

  • Many trucks for large office moving
  • A staff experienced in Office moving ( office disassembly and reassembly)
  • The availability of Plastic Bins for Packing
  • The availability of large amounts of moving equipment such as many dollies, liabrary carts, panel carts, computer carts
  • The knowledge to help you organize your office move in a proper fashion including helping you with a numbering and or color coding plan.

Getting Ready to Move Your Office

Moving a company may actually be more stressful than moving your home and family. The less time you spend moving, the more cost-efficient it is for your company. In order to save time, make sure you are very familiar with your new location and offices. Know exactly how large (take measurements) the new rooms are. Notice any differences in shapes of the rooms or new furniture. You want to make sure your old or new desk, chairs, filing cabinets, etc. fit inside your new space.

To make sure that everyone knows his or her new dimensions, a floor plan should be created before the move. This plan should include, by floor, location of employees, furniture, plants, and whatever else you are bringing to your new location. Make sure that every employee receives a copy of this plan and that you post them on the building on moving day. Being organized before the move will not only reduce the stress for the employees, but for the movers as well.

Correspond with Everyone

Communication is key when it comes to a corporate move. Make sure that everyone (employees, landlords, movers, renters, etc.) is aware of every detail. They need to know the exact moving plan before the actual move. The less questions on the day of moving, the better.

The movers need to be told exactly where each piece of furniture needs to be placed. If you have many desks that look the same, but belong to certain employees, make sure they know that they need to go in certain places. One way of helping out the mover is by using colored labels. All of the furniture that belongs on one floor can be labeled a certain color and you can even get more specific. Label colors and numbers to each employee. Labeling is a very important tool in moving offices. Be sure to label all equipment and furniture that is being moved. The label needs to be placed in spot that is very easily visible to the mover.

The easier and more understandable you make the move to the mover, the faster the move will go. Time means money.

Move Planning Services

Six weeks Before

Good Ol Boys / Countrywide moving company is committed to presenting you with a complete, realistic picture of the relocation process to deliver a successful move.

An estimator will come to the site to survey your facilities. During this process, we will determine the manpower required; the type and amount of equipment and materials needed; and the logistics of the move, with relation to elevators and street access.

We ask you to check with building management to ensure there are no other major deliveries occurring simultaneous with the move. A CERTIFIED OFFICE ESTIMATOR will be sent  to the survey and to advise on preparations required. Please note that because of the size and scope of Office Moves with over 30 work stations adequate moving notice is required. However we have done quick notice late night moves as well to accommodate our customers.

Approximately Two Weeks Prior to the Move:

For larger moves two sets of your finished floor plans should be made available. Upon receipt of these plans, a coloring and or numbering system will be inaugurated. Your office consultant will advise on how to color-code your floor plans, identifying all furniture and equipment. The color-coding system affords a swift, accurate movement of office effects with a simplified method of placing the effects at the final destination.

Approximately One Week Prior to the Move:

We have and supply  pressure sensitive tags to label and tag all furniture, bearing the exact location of each piece will be applied to each article of furniture and equipment for ease in setting into place at the new building. All furniture to be left behind we ask that it will be marked with  “DO NOT MOVE” tags. Similarly, we ask that placards be placed in front of each office showing its code number, letter, and or color.

It is advisable to institute an immediate cleaning-up policy. Any unwanted paper or material should be disposed of. This would reduce the number of loads to be moved and therefore reduce your cost. Upon request, trash containers will be delivered to your premises.

Several Days Prior to the Move:

We ask that the space at your new location will be properly marked with directional signs and placards to expedite the placing of all furniture and equipment upon arrival.

On Moving Day:

Precautionary measures will be put into effect to safeguard all entrances, exits, and corridors in a proper manner at both locations.

Office Moving Tips

The best advice is to follow a plan including appointing supervisors to help co-ordinate your plan and to show our staff where to place articles at destination. Good Ol’ Boys with help you with your moving plan.

Supervisors: It is your responsibility to have your staff follow these instructions.  Personnel will be functioning in the new offices on a normal basis immediately after reporting to work, if the move is properly preplanned.

Employees: You will be responsible for your own packing of certain items before the actual move. Follow our tips they will be of assistance to you, not only before the move, but when you unpack in the new office.

Items Being Moved

Any items inside of bookcases, shelves, desks, wall units, or cupboards should all be packed securely in boxes. Filing cabinets do not need to be emptied. Just make sure that they are locked or securely fastened with string or heavy packaging tape.

Personal Items: Good Ol’ Boys Moving cannot be responsible for your personal possessions, such as legal papers, money, lighters, fountain pens, pictures, plants, etc. For your own protection, we suggest you move these items privately. If you need special containers, ask your Moving Consultant.

Desks: Pack all contents. This includes current working papers, letter trays, books and other desk items. Seal paper clips, pencils and all other loose materials in envelopes and then pack them in boxes. Protect all glass with paper or other stuffing.

Security Files: All files should be locked prior to moving. If security regulations require escorts, advise the Moving Consultant and he/she will make arrangements with the mover. Security files may then be consolidated.

Supply or Storage Cabinets: Pack all contents in boxes. Cabinet doors should be locked or tied.

“Do Not Move”: If items are not to be moved or if equipment and furniture are to be discarded, be sure to tag them with “Do Not Move” labels. This will eliminate any unnecessary expense.

Garbage: Make sure that you throw away as much garbage as possible before the actual moving day. It is possible to get permission from the city to have industrial size dumpsters placed in front of the building if you have an excess amount of garbage to throw away. The more you throw away, the less you have to pack and haul with you. Make sure that nothing important gets thrown away.

Access to Floors Above Ground Level: Be sure to examine the building before hand and be aware of all elevators. Make sure they are in working order and large enough to move the furniture. If there are no elevators, be sure to inform the moving company so they can come prepared.

Moving Electrical Machines: Before moving any technological machines, make sure you know what you are doing. Many machines need to be handled certain ways. If you are renting any of your equipment, make sure you notify your rental company before the day of the move. Disconnect and dismantle computers properly. Make sure there is an employee that knows what he/she is doing when taking apart the equipment. Remove all fluids from the photocopy machines. There may be loose parts that can easily be lost, so make sure that all parts are securely fastened or put them in a separate box close by. Remove all items from the vending machines. Empty water from any water dispensers. Make sure to take extra notice to any machines that are dismantled. Items get lost very easily in a move.

Here’s a simple checklist to make sure nothing gets left behind or overlooked:

  • Desk empty?
  • Supply cabinets cleared?
  • File cabinets cleared?
  • File drawers locked?
  • Wall items taken down?
  • Breakable items properly packed?
  • Computers and other machines disconnected?
  • “Do Not Move” tags placed?
  • Liquids drained from equipment?
  • Desk pads and chair pads labeled?
  • Have a set of spare keys available.
  • Make sure that your Internet connection is ready to go and that the phones and fax machines are working. The sooner you get back to work, the sooner you can continue working and making money.
  • Make sure the electricity works.
  • Make sure the bathrooms work.

Don’t forget to throw away (or use as scratch paper) any old stationary that has your old address on it and create new stationary with the new address on it.

You may not have control over many aspects in a corporate move. You must follow a certain guideline that is provided by the company. Larger office moves often you have to make sure you give yourself at least 3 months of preparation. Most people are completely unfamiliar with how to prepare for a medium to larger corporate move. Unfamiliarity can cause much headache and stress. That is why it is even more important that you plan ahead and ask Good Ol Boys Moving to give advice and be your mover of choice.

How to supervise an Office Move

The first thing that has to be done before moving day is to mark where things are going to go. To do this, whether your office is set up in cubicles or rooms you would mark things using this simple system. If your office is laid out in sections you will need to get different color stickers for each section. Assign each room or cubicle with a letter and a number, keeping the same letter for all cubicles and the same letter for all rooms. Having the cubicles’ letter different from the rooms’ letter. Assign each cubicle and room with different numbers. Put a sticker on every item that is going to be moved. At the delivery end, mark each section color, all rooms, and cubicles by the letter and number for which the items are to be placed. This way the helpers know exactly where everything goes.

   When supervising a commercial move one of the most important things to remember is to keep the flow running. The meaning of this is that you are going to need to set your helpers up in a constant flow of traffic with the items being moved. If you are using 8 temporary helpers and one good loader, then place the loader on the truck with one helper. Put 3 helpers loading up the four-wheel dollies. Have them stand desks up on the four-wheel dollies by placing the dolly at one end of the desk, as one helper is holding the dolly up to one end the other helper lifts the other end of the desk all the way up to place it on the dolly. Have two helpers loading the desks on dollies and the third helper loading boxes and smaller items on the four-wheel dollies. These helpers just load the dollies. The other four helpers are to constantly roll the loaded dollies to the truck, bringing the dollies back so they can be reloaded again. If you have a office building with an elevator then have one of those four run the elevator.

     Once all trucks are loaded, take them to the delivery end to unload. You want to keep a similar flow of traffic going at this end as well. Have two to three men in the truck setting items back on the dollies and have the rest of the men distribute the items throughout the office. Make sure that they are matching the stickers to the proper room or cubicle for which they go. If these guidelines are followed you should have a smooth operation. Good luck!!


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