Careful Moving

Good Ol’ Boys Moving takes pride in our careful packing and transportation of your belongings. Moving can be stressful. Damage to your property is one of the common worries clients have.

We’d like to assure you that your belongings are in expert, capable hands. We have years of experience and a stellar track record. Your belongings will be treated with the respect we’d show our own.

Still, you need to decide whether you want to pack yourself or have our experts pack for you.

Good Ol’ Boys Moving offers full service packing, or , you can have us help with certain items. It’s up to you. Self packing is also an option. If you choose to do it yourself we have the supplies you’ll need to do a proper job.

Read on below for some tips on careful moving.

Should I Pack ?

Should I pack Or should I have Good Ol Boys / Countrywide Pack ? There are several factors to consider … Stress, Time, liability & know how.

Stress/Time:  Moving is the third most stressful event in life (behind death and divorce with job loss being either tied with moving or 4th) and this is because you most likely are facing the 3 other most stressful events in life or you have a full time job and with the running around purchasing a home, going to lawyers, dealing with real estate agents, making changes for telephone, mail etc. etc.  You don’t have time for this extra full time job of packing and or running around and getting boxes.

Having Good Ol Boys can really remove stress when it comes to packing. Did you know that an average 3 bedroom home take 30 man hours of work for a professional crew or 50-60 hours of work for private homeowners? Having your goods packed is a great Time saver!

You may even just want some breakables packed and unpacked so the mover is responsible for them.  Another option for some customers is having one or two of our people out for a day following the move to help with unpacking (another time and stress reliever).

Liability / Know How: Liability is sometimes the bottom line. Because insurance companies don’t know the level of packing expertise from individuals for example one private person packs great the next one every box rattles and packs terrible. We’ve had people pack dishes almost totally unprotected in garbage bags and expected us to be responsible for them. The reality is no movers insurance or movers protection plan will cover owner packed items because we / our insurance never knows what level of packing we are going to receive. If you want the mover to be responsible have the mover pack. If you feel you can do a good/great job by all means pack yourself.

Careful Moving – Packing Tips:

  1. Using clean newsprint means a lot less clean up!
  1. Place all electronics into boxes. Laser printers and copiers have toner. If you remove prior to moving the printers/copiers won’t tip and gum up the drum.
  1. Mark all boxes that are breakables “Fragile” so we can try to top load. Do not mark every box fragile.
  1. Remove and pack loose glass trays from the microwave.
  1. Wardrobe closets are available from Good Ol Boys .. these help move your better clothes without having to repress or possible damage.
  1. Do not pack or move any flammables with us as you could void any insurance as we are not allowed to transport under the dangerous goods act. these include matches , paints, solvents aerosol cans and especially propane tanks. Of course it goes without saying no corrosives or explosives either. Our storage contract states should you store these items you could be responsible for other peoples effects as well if there is a problem.
  1. Filing cabinets are often too heavy to be moved when full and can twist and damage these types of cabinets.
  1. We have mattress bags available for packing mattresses. A small cost and should be used when storing for long periods of time.
  1. Movers protection plans do not cover loose breakables such as glass marble and lamps. It is best to have us pack these items.
  1. Always use two sheets of paper on every breakable item so that all breakables are protected.
  1. Packing breakables do I stand items up or pack items flat? The answer is STAND THEM ON END so there is no pressure on the middle of the item. Some people pack 10 dishes in a pile in a box, by the time the 10th dish is on tops the pressure is extreme on the bottom plate when packing flat. Always pack on end and stand them up. Put heavier breakables such as Correlle serving dishes on the bottom and medium weight in the middle and glasses / lightest items at the very top of the box.
  1. Always fill up every box as sometimes boxes collapse with just one box on top. Fill up using paper or linens but fill up every box.


In Conclusion

Use your best judgment when deciding whether to pack yourself or use our professional packing service.  If you follow the tips we’ve provided on this page you should have a trouble free move whichever way you choose to pack your belongings.