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Kitchener History

Proudly located in Ontario, Canada, Kitchener was first established in 1916. Kitchener has developed a respectable population of 233,222. Over the years Kitchener has invested heavily in infrastructure, landscaping, and freeways. Kitchener is a wonderful location! Kitchener boasts beautiful design, an incredible tourist center and also beautiful water parks which are exceptional.

Culinary Delight

Kitchener delivers a phenomenal variety of restaurant destinations. Including mouthwatering pub meals to takeout to Thai cuisine to Asian meals, Kitchener offers it all. If you’d like high end restaurants then there certainly are loads of choices. Having lots of elegant restaurants you may opt for, there’s something for everyone!.


If perhaps you’re browsing for undeniably fabulous entertainment choices after dark, Kitchener offers several enjoyable venues. You can visit Kitchener’s discos, experience live music and also stop by some of our lively clubs or watering holes, or take in a romantic comedy at the cinema.


Thanks to a lively shopping centre plus quite a few department stores in Kitchener, you won’t be dissapointed if a shopping trip is on your to-do list. Through the holiday season, Kitchener’s downtown is transformed into a spectacular Yuletide wonderland all for your pleasure.


Kitchener is a superb destination to enjoy life with the children. What with many park systems, swimming pools and day camps you can find an array of summer break merry making. Kitchener even features several indoor theme parks which will just keep your precious little children happy and hopefully amused during wintry weather.


Academics really is a primary focus within Kitchener. Kitchener’s vision for education is recognized as excellent! What with a number of new educational institutions in the works, the great academic quality will only improve over time.


Kitchener possess a dynamic core business centre. Having a healthy marketplace Kitchener is a wonderful region to start out your enterprise. Owing to ideal lender solutions and attractive federal perks Kitchener has really grown into a truly desirable place to do commerce.

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