Milton Office Movers

Good Ol Boys Office Moving Division is the foremost office Moving Company t in Milton.

Experienced Milton Office Movers make the world of difference for an efficient office Move.
With 14 years experience and around 500 office moves performed Good Ol Boys Moving is the office mover of choice in Milton Ontario

An Experienced Office Moving Estimator will visit your office and provide:

  • Advice on How to organize your move – We can help with developing a floor
  • plan for you and help preplanning your move
  • Flat rates on most office moves for better budgeting of Costs
  • We have Experienced Office movers
  • Flexible start times – Moving in the afternoon evenings or weekends will minimize downtime.
  • Office Moving equipment specific for the office Move
  • Rental of Office Moving Bins ( Cardboard also available )
  • Office Systems staff that can Disassemble and reassemble
  • Complete Interior Solutions with one call

Call us today for a free estimate for your office Move in Milton

1. Start planning early – moving your company to another location takes a lot of time and careful planning. Starting early will help you to ensure that you make decisions that you will want to live with for the next 10 or so years.

2. Decide on your new location– just like when you are buying a home, choosing an office building is all about location. There are a lot of factors in location.

Where are you clients? Where do your employees live? You want your location to be convenient for both clients and employees. Be mindful of that and of where your target audience is.

3. Throw stuff away – when in doubt, chuck it out. If you have boxes from your last move in your office that you haven’t touched in a decade, you probably don’t need it. The less stuff you have to move and put away at the new office, the easier your move will be. Be smart and do make sure to check federal regulations before you toss anything. Recycle when you can. Generally the afternoon the day before of the move is the best time for throw out time.

4, Host your IT environment virtually – the best thing you can do to ensure that your work will go on uninterrupted by the move is to host your IT environment virtually.

5. Recycle boxes– Plastic Bins are reusable but often more expensive with drop off and pick up fees. Cardboard boxes can easily be recycled and often our rates include free pick up so that we can recycle them. There are many options to keep from filling up dumpsters with boxes. Plastic Moving Bins are often preferred to the regular cardboard box method of moving because:

The bins or cardboard are provided up by Good Ol Boys Moving a week before and picked up a week after the move. You do not have to worry about purchasing or disposing of them. Both Cardboard and Bins are reusable which is green. Bins are slightly bigger than your standard cardboard box, so you can put more stuff in them. Bins are rented by the week… often causes staff not to procrastinate the unpacking and reorganizing of work areas You cannot just leave an unpacked box for years in the corner of our office because the bins will be picked up that next week.

6. Communicate to the right people – people need to know that you have moved. Communicate with your employees, vendors, mail service, payroll, credit card companies, etc. that you have a new address. You will want to let them know ahead of time.

7. Maintain productivity – just because you’re moving doesn’t mean the working world is on hold. Deadlines are still deadlines and your clients will still call you for help. Write down the tasks you need to accomplish during the week before the move, the week of the move, and the week after the move. This will help you stay on track while you are packing and unpacking..

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