Choosing trellis over fence panels

Why choose the easy option of adding straightforward 6 foot fence panels to your rear garden when you have the option of being adventurous by choosing trellis fencing from your trellis fencing supplies company online or your local garden centre. Using trellis fencing give you the option of adding great climbing plants like ivy or honeysuckle to bring your garden fencing alive.

Setting up your border

You can still install six-foot fence panels for security and privacy in your rear garden from the many choices of trellis fencing that are available. Climbing plants will quickly fill the space at the top of your fencing to provide a barrier between your property and that of your neighbour.

Some people choose to add trellis fencing for screening areas in your garden that you don't want to look at from your decking or veranda area. Using traditional trellis fencing or hit and miss fence panels, it's easy to build a small area that can hide the areas where you keep your rubbish bins and perhaps your environmentally friendly compost unit.

Where you already have 3 foot fence panels bordering your garden and you don't wish to go to the expense of replacing them with six-foot fence panels, you can install a trellis on top of the 3 foot fence panels where you can encourage your plants to grow upwards adding a beauty to the flower planning in your garden. This will then provide you with a much higher border around your garden and save you many of the installation costs, but you will need to consider how you're going to extend your fence posts to make sure that any trellis fencing you add to your current wood or garden wall remains strong when it's full of ivy or honeysuckle because you wouldn't want it to collapse after going to so much work.

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Adding a trellis to a wall

Your trellis fencing supplies company can supply you with trellis fencing that will sit nicely against any existing walls around your house or perhaps where a wall exists in your garden. Invitingly, this encourages many different types of plants including climbing plants to grow and provide a wonderful feature point in your garden. You will need to make sure that you leave enough space behind the trellis so that the plants can weave in and out of your trellis fencing so that they grow strong and healthy.

You can add hit and miss fence panels as another way to invite climbing plants to grow around your garden fencing. These panels give the impression that they are a completely fenced in panel when in fact they allow light and climbing plants to exist in harmony because the individual panels are spaced apart giving the opportunity for climbing plants to grow through.

When you add trellis fencing to your garden you will learn new terms like fence post extender so that you can easily add a trellis to the top of a fence that already exists in your garden. You will learn about fencing clips which allow you to easily attach a trellis to your garden posts with galvanised nails that won't rust in the rain. You will also come across fence post caps which need to sit on the top of your fence posts so you can stop water penetrating your post which will eventually cause water damage, probably rot and then failure to hold your trellis fencing properly. This might all be new to you, but just a little knowledge will help you install trellis fencing in your garden to make the most of climbing plants to create an area in your garden more attractive.

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