HTML5 vs Flash vs The World

As a long time Flash (AS) Developer even I have refrained from using it for some time now. While it was a great technology in it's time I think it's reached the point where something new needs to come along. While javascript "can" essentially do pretty much anything Flash can do, animation, physics, interactivity, especially with the addition of AJAX and jQuery it can now do many things that much simpler, but Flash always had some leverage, basically cross-browser compatibility. Sort of... *cough* Apple *cough*

So since JS can do all this why do I want something new? One word: conflicts and poor programming. JS has some great libraries, but, those of you who are familiar with it, especially in the Joomla world know how annoying it is when Joomla developers mix and match jQuery and MooTools, it just does not work out too well, too often. While I am impartial to the fact that Joomla allows almost anyone to design a great template, it's a good thing for many people in the way that it saves them potential $1000's by not needed to hire a designer. However, how many websites have you visited with IE (especially) which returned JS errors, one after another, and hindered objects across the page.

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Yes there is always jQuery.noConflict();, but again, I am talking about inexperienced designers (even many developers) and if you do not have experience developing would you know what to do with it? Probably not... Yes this article is about HTML and Flash but my point is, while JS is fantastic in it's own right HTML5 may pave the way for less experienced developers AND designers to create the same objects without all the conflicts and make me a happy guy. (I had to throw in my 2 cents about JS). Lets face it, with all the CMS platforms and sites designed around them we cannot leave them out of this article.

Now with the upcoming generations of browsers with their new hardware acceleration HTML5 boasts a major threat to Adobe. Especially considering Apple's attempt to just shun Flash completely... Now of course these new browsers also vastly improve the performance of Flash, there is still Apple and hand held devices to consider... Linux of course is a factor in this as well...

WAIT, I got it! Now if Microsoft would just fire all the current IE developers and maybe get with the times HTML5 would have a chance at the title. Oh wait, if MS did all that we wouldn't need something new and more compatible in the first place would we?

Well gosh, I guess in the end it all boils down to MS and IE itself. Always a step behind everyone else and almost always the root of the problem at hand. So that said, which direction is the right one? ....or the "smart" one?

I guess my point is like every other technology in the world it would be nice for all the big dogs to just settle on something and call it a day. The web truly would be a better place for them and for us but of course it will never happen quite like that. In my opinion anyhow, I believe HTML5 is that technology and I honestly can't wait to see what happens.

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