At the time of this article, the spread for this match is set with...

At the time of this article, the spread for this match is set with Minnesota as the 7-point favorite over Buffalo, and that's not looking very good for Buffalo. However, it's also not looking good for Minnesota in this one based on the performance of these two teams over the last few weeks of play.

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Back in the first week of October, Buffalo got manhandled by the New York Jets. Ever since then, they've picked up their slack and they've been performing at an acceptable level. Theyve gone into three overtimes against teams with 7+ wins, and even though they lost all three, they we're close. Indeed, Buffalo has been playing some good football.

Vegas Insider Looks At Minnesotas Weaknesses

We can't say the same thing about Minnesota, though.

There is no other word to describe Minnesota than mediocre. Their defense has been unable to execute on important stops. Theyve been very susceptible to mistakes and errors. They haven't been able to put the pressure on the opposing teams quarterbacks. Last season, they weren't doing so badly. This season, they've been struggling.

But furthermore, Minnesotas offense has suffered more than their defense. They only put up 17 points against Washington. Brett isn't doing so well with the passing game, and Adrian Petersons ability to play has been questionable lately.

Buffalo Is the Best Bet According to Vegas Insider

Buffalo has more power and surprise in their game, and frankly, they are just playing better football. Minnesota is listed as the favorite, but Buffalo will be able to win easily. Losing by less than 7 points will be easy as cake.

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