Should You Get Your House Inspected Before You Buy It?

Of all the things you should and should not do when buying a house, getting the house inspected before closing is without a doubt the most important. It doesn't matter if the house is brand new or built more than 100 years ago, the inspection is critical. Sure the house can look like it is in great shape. But there are many potential problems that can pop up during the inspection, including ones that the seller does not even know about.

Make sure to shop around for an inspector before you need one, and check them out carefully. Then be present when the inspection takes place. Sure, it does cost anywhere from five hundred to one thousand dollars, but it is well worth the expense to know exactly what is wrong and right with the house. Even if something is wrong, you don't necessarily need to pass on the house, but knowing is better than not knowing, as you;ll learn in this home buying guide for new homebuyers.

Posted in Moving and Relocating Post Date 12/15/2015






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